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Elevate Your University with Songbird-ai.

Helping all students learn equally by providing students with the ability to search through transcriptions of lectures and study at their preferred pace.

Captions Done Differently

Watch and see how easy it is to add captions to your video with Songbird-ai. We take it one step further and have up to 99 languages for you to translate your content to and open it up for the world to access it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Songbird-ai do?

Songbird-ai takes any audio file and translates it into written language. We utilize artificial intelligence first and human validation second. How this is done is through a workflow with a series of open source models to provide a confidence score. If the confidence score is below 99% we insert a human to go in and make edits to any word or phrase that was flagged. This allows for top of the line accuracy and fast turnaround time.

What languages do we support?

We currently support up to 99 languages. This number is currently supported by the open source model, Whisper, that we use to provide a translation of any audio to any language. An example would be Spanish audio translated into a Spanish transcription or even English to Spanish.

Do we integrate with other platforms?

Yes, currently we have a partnership with Instructure for an easy API integration. We also integrate with any platform that allows for an API integration. See our main page for links and how to.

Do we offer multiple output files?

Yes, we offer the standard files that are requested; text, CSV, RTF, HTML, XML, SRT (subtitles), XML, and JSON. If a file type is not listed that you are looking for, please reach out for the request and we are happy to assist.

What pricing plans do we have?

We have two options for pricing, one is 100% automation of your files and the other is adding humans to validate low scoring words or phrases after the audio goes through its first pass.

How do we submit video/audio files?

On our website you click “Become a Customer” to input your information and our team will reach out to get an account setup for you. This will then consist of you adding an audio file for upload to retrieve an output of transcriptions.

Am I restricted on video formats that I can submit?

Currently we have no restrictions on types of files that can be uploaded.

What is the turnaround time?

Depending on the length of the audio, your output can change.

Do I need to install any software?

No software is needed for installation with Songbird-ai as we allow for files to be sent to us. We operate with our own internal workflows and only have access to the data shared with us.

Is training supported?

Setup is very simple and currently does not need a training series for employees. However, if needed, our sales engineering team is able to walk the user through it

Can I submit glossary terms?

In utilizing machine learning through our workflows, it allows us to store information in what we call our 2nd Brain. This is a graph database that acts as an evolving dictionary. It is set up to search through the web for low confidence scoring words or phrases to come up with the correct answer. Therefore eliminating the need to submit a glossary beforehand and doing the work for you. Once an edit is made, the mistake is never repeated.

Can I submit multiple uploads at the same time?

Yes, we allow for up to 1,000 uploads at once.